High School Study Full Curriculum



“And God Created Them Male And Female…” And Now What?!
A Human Sexuality Study From A Faith-Based Perspective For High School Youth.

Linda Adams Goddard authored the first edition in 1986. This 2017 edition presents comprehensive information for a ten week, 2-hour per week study that covers male and female reproductive anatomies, masturbation, sexual intimacy/abstinence, human sexuality, sexual orientations, teen parenting, adoption, abortion, Sexually Transmitted Infections, contraception, sexual harassment, sexual additions, sex trafficking, creative dating, drinking and dating, dating violence, degree of arousal, and loving relationships. PowerPoint presentations accompany the high school curriculum. Medical Illustrator Lisa Clark’s beautiful color illustrations are included for the first time in this edition and small replicas of the PowerPoint slides are included in their appropriate place within the Teacher Manual. This curriculum is designed for high school youth.