Just Say Know Ministry's mission is to provide faith-based comprehensive human sexuality and relationship education through curriculum, workshops, seminars, camps, and training programs.

Our purpose is to:

  • enable participants of all ages to make good decisions for their lives.
  • to enhance communication between child and parent/caregiver.
  • to strengthen marriage and lifelong loving, committed relationships.
  • to enrich understanding of God's precious gift of sexual intimacy.

What We Believe

God’s creation is good, and our sexuality is an inherently good aspect of God’s creation.

God - Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer - is actively and intimately involved in our world and our lives.

Jesus entered our world fully human and fully divine. He experienced the same temptations as all of us whom he claims as siblings. Our acceptance of his love and response to his grace can make us a new creation eager to follow his example of faithful living. 

The Holy Spirit lives in and through those who have responded to God’s call on their life. The Spirit energizes and empowers those who seek to be God’s presence for good in the world.

The Bible is a source of discovery and inspiration for our journey with God. In it, we come to know God, learn of God’s desire for a relationship with us, and connect with God’s love, grace, hope, and promise for all God’s children.

Responsible expression of God’s good gift of sexuality is an opportunity to grow in a relationship, delight in its intended pleasure, procreate, and experience a unique spiritual and physical connection with another person and with God.